To create campaign on Recurring Notification Broadcast, click on the Broadcasting menu in the left side bar of the ZenBot dashboard.

Instantly, a page will appear with two sections — Messenger Broadcasting and SMS/Email Broadcasting. In the Messenger Broadcasting section, you will sse an option called Recurring Notification Broadcast.

Now click on the Recurring Notification Broadcast option.

Instantly, a page called Recurring Subscriber Broadcast will appear with a button called Create Campaign.

Now click on the Create Campaign button.

Instantly a form page divided into three sections — Campaign details, Targeting option and Message Template — will appear. And you have to fill out the form.

Campaign details


Give a campaign name in the campaign name field. In the select page field, select a Facebook page. After you have selected a Facebook page, a field called RCN postback template will appear. In the field, you have to select a pre-defined RCN postback. Click on the field and a drop-down list of pre-defined RCN postback IDs will appear. And from the list, you have to select a RCN postback ID.

Testing Option


Then come the targeting section. You can fill out this section if you want to target audience to send recurring notification.

You can target and exclude audience by labels. In the target by label field, select labels you want to send the Recurring Notification to the audience that are included in label. In the exclude by label field, select labels you don’t want to send the Recurring Notification to the audience that are included in label.

Moreover, you can target audience based on gender, time zone and locale. In the gender field, select a gender. Select a time zone in the time zone field. And select a locale in the locale field.

In the message template, you have to create a message for the notificacion. That is, this message will be sent as the notification. Here, you can create multimedia message— Text, Image, Audio, Video, File, Quick Reply, Text with Buttons, Generic Template, Carousel, and Media.

Since you are user of ChatPion, you know well how to create a template for message.

Sending time


Note that, since it is message template for Recurring Notification, your have to send the message according to the Recursion Type you have selected while configuring Notification in the Flow builder -- building bot for sending request to opt-in for Recurring Notifications.

For example, If you select weekly as the Recursion type, you have to set Recurring notification broadcasting campaign to send recurring notification once a week. Otherwise, your Facebook page will be in trouble.

Now click on the Create campaign button. And the campaign will be created. And the campaign will be listed in the Recurring Subscriber Broadcast page.