NewPostback component will allow you to make multiple postbacks through a single bot flow. Each postback will be stored as a standalone postback under the hood. So, you may trigger them later via trigger components if you want. It has 1 input socket and 1 output socket.

  • Input: Reply
  • Output: Next


Reply may get connection from one of the following components:

  • Quick ReplyButtonTrigger

Next may be connected to the following component:

  • TextCarouselFacebook MediaImageVideoAudioFileEcommerceUser Input FlowGeneric TemplateOTN

How to create

Let us see how we can create a quick-reply.

Dragging and Dropping

From the dock menu, drag the NewPostback component and drop it on the editor at any place.

Adding Data

To add data to the NewPostback component, click twice on the body of the NewPostback component. It will open a sidebar on your right. Give it a name. You may choose label(s) or sequence if you need.

Once done, click on the OK button.