Trigger component will allow you to get started the bot. All you need to connect it to a Start Bot Flow or New Postback. It has only 1 output socket.

  • Output: Next


Next may be connected to one of the following components:

  • Start Bot FlowNew Postback

How to create

Let us see how we can get started a bot.

Dragging and Dropping

From the dock menu, drag the Trigger component and drop it on the editor and connect to either Start Bot Flow or New Postback component. Once you're done with making the bot. Save the bot flow and start with messenger.


Adding Data

To add data to the Trigger component, click twice on the body of the Trigger component. It will open a sidebar on your right. Now provide some keywords there separating by comma. In our case, we're providing a single keyword products. Now click on the OK button.

Then connect it to either Start Bot Flow or New Postback component.

The bot will start working if a user type products on the messenger of the Facebook page as you set it via the Trigger component. That's it.